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Our Accomplishments

Banking & Finance

  • Supplied, installed and managing over 1500 ATMs at bank branches across all regions of Tanzania.
  • First in East Africa to provide mobile branch solutions.


  • Supplied, installed and managing the largest EMC backup and storage facility in East Africa.

Retail & Hospitality

  • Implemented and maintaining Hotel Management software and IT Infrastructure solution for multiple Four and Five-star hotels in Dar-es-Salaam.

Government and NGOs

  • Designed, implemented and maintaining data center infrastructure for multiple government agencies.
  • Designed, supplied and implemented biometric registration and voter identification solutions for the Government of Malawi.

Energy, Utilities and Mining

  • Implemented and maintaining storage solutions for offsite mining companies.

FMCG and Manufacturing

  • First to supply and maintain a half megawatt industrial UPS in East Africa (550kVA expandable to 4.5MW).

Media and Publishing

  • Supplied , installed and managing the biggest Xerox print production machine in East Africa.
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